Crosswalk: An Easter Celebration

Easter is a time for many to think about Easter Egg Hunts and shopping for new spring dress. I have to admit, growing up I can recall the excitement of Easter morning, seeing what type of goodies were awaiting me in my Easter basket. However, now that I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser), Easter has a different meaning to me – a more religious meaning.

This was the first year I participated in a Good Friday Crosswalk – it was an amazing experience to really sum up the Easter season. This particular Crosswalk was hosted by Trinity Moravian Church on Good Friday. The event began in downtown Winston Salem in the grassy lot located beside Bib’s Downtown, across the street from the Forsyth County Central Public Library. As a group of about 100 of us gathered (young, old and everywhere in between), we were asked to remain silent through the actual “walking portion” of the event. The idea of the Crosswalk is to reflect on the Jesus carrying the cross, not reenacting the event. We were told at any point, if anyone felt led to help carry the cross, just tap one of the designated carriers on the shoulder and switch places.

With two Winston Salem bicycle police as our guides, we began our silent walk towards Old Salem, which was about a mile from the starting point. We walked along the sidewalk, crisscrossing through the streets of downtown following the large wooden cross. We passed the downtown bus terminal, the Millennium Center, Corpening Plaza and finally into the gates of God’s Acre Cemetery in Old Salem.



As we approached the Main Square in Old Salem, we could hear the Moravian Brass Band playing traditional songs. People who were visiting Old Salem for the day – they received an added ‘extra’ during the visit.


Once we arrived at the square, the cross propped against one of the large trees so everyone could see and reflect on it. Each person was provided a one-page liturgy that included responsive readings, songs and an order of events. The Brass Band plated throughout the service and was a nice, traditional Moravian touch to this event. From start to finish the Crosswalk lasted about an hour and a half.




There are many Crosswalks that occur around the Triad during the Easter season. If you have an opportunity to participate in one, do so – it’s definitely a memorable experience that could ultimately become a tradition for the Easter season.


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