Alternative Recycling: 109 U-Pull-It

If you have lived in the triad area the past few years, I’m sure you can recall the 109-U-Pull-It commercials with the catchy jingle “Dial 788-9122, we’ll come get that car for you.” No doubt, a catchy little tune – however, I’m not the target market for their services. I recently tagged along with my husband on a trip to this auto salvage yard to find a part for one of our older vehicles. This is a part that we couldn’t locate online to order and the local Ford dealer couldn’t seem to find it in their system. Saying that, we weighed our options and figured 109-U-Pull-It might have just the needed part.

I laced up my sneakers, the husband gathered the tools he thought he would need for the job and we started this adventure. Couple of tips to remember: Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops, you never know what you might step on there. Tools or a mechanic are not provided, but 109-U-Pull-It will pull the part for you (for an additional fee), in their “full service” area. If you go in the summer, watch for bees and snakes.


When we arrived we went into the main building and signed in, for insurance purposes. The man behind the counter asked what we were looking forward and he directed us to the area of the property to find the type of vehicle we were seeking (minivans, SUV, sedans, etc.) Of course, we were told to go the far back corner. This gave me time look around and scout out the on-goings. We found the section of cars, but I was most excited about this amazing, industrial fence – can you say Jurassic Park?!


I was saddened by the salvage yard because of all the vehicles just wasting away. However, I’m also big on recycling, so this is a way to recycle – but definitely not in the most environmentally friendly way. I could smell gas and see drops of oil on the ground. I can’t rank this place very Earth-friendly. They do claim the vehicles have been drained from all hazardous liquids and gases, but I highly doubt that this 100% true.





Long story short, we found the auto part in about ten minutes. That was all the time I need to see the abundance of personal stuff left in cars, trinkets scattered all over the ground and plants growing inside cars. The only thing that was missing, was finding a rodent inside one of the cars (thank goodness that didn’t occur).




If you like saving money and don’t mind a little time and effort, 109-U-Pull is a good value for your bottom dollar.


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