For Your Listening Pleasure

Podcasts intrigue me – it’s as simple as that. As a marketing professional in ‘real life,’ I love them on so many levels! They are real, they build relationships, and are highly engaging. They create personal connections between the audience, guests, and host(s). But the super cool thing is podcasts offer an opportunity for personal branding – which is one reason why I was extremely excited to be featured on Winston-Salem’s #1 podcast, The Less Desirables!

It’s North Carolina’s first and longest-running pop culture podcast. Pretty cool, eh? It’s recorded every Wednesday in The Lab at Industry Hill and hosted by Tim Beeman and Bethany Miller.

I was the featured guest on the October 17, 2018 edition of the podcast and had a blast! We talk about my semi-claim to fame – taking pictures of her feet where ever I may be. We chatted about the NCTriadGirl Instagram page, how it got started, and its unique photography style. We talked about a wide range of topics, some which will probably not shock anyone listening to the show for long. So many laughs!!

It was such a great experience. A huge thank you goes to Tim and Bethany for being such gracious hosts. Thanks for the opportunity to chat about the Instagram endeavor – let’s do it again soon!

Be sure to listen to the podcast here!!!


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