Rockin’ the Triad at Don’s Music City

I love music; however, I am not very musical. Grant it, I do play handbells at church, but when it comes to rock and roll, I’m simply a fan. I know the words, sing along and just enjoy the musicianship.

Music is a large part of my life; being married to a bass player who is active in the music scene – it’s pretty hard to escape. Saying that, I have developed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the music venues the Piedmont Triad has to offer; one thing I know even better are the ends and outs of the local music stores. The Triad has its share of places to purchase music equipment – from the large chain outlets to the local mom and pop stores. I have spent hours wandering around these stores while this husband is noodling on basses, checking out strings or just networking with the sales folks.


Winston Salem is home to the newest music store, Don’s Music City. That may ring a bell because this is the store’s third location (the other two are located in Greensboro and Burlington). It has been open less than a month, so for many musicians it is still an uncovered gem. It is located at 1606 South Stratford Road, Winston Salem, beside Family Christian Stores. It may appear small on the outside, but don’t let that fool you!

full view

wall of guitars





Inside you will find everything from drum kits, to DJ equipment, to strings. There is a large wall of guitars and basses just waiting to be played. There is a nice mix of new and used equipment; something to fit everyone’s budget. Since Don’s Music City has two other locations, if there is an item not in stock at the Winston Salem location, it can be ‘imported’ from one of the other stores, or the sales staff will be happy to order it for you.

The sales staff was helpful, extremely knowledgeable and appeared excited about their jobs. There was no pressure or annoyance (yes, I have experienced that at some of the larger chain stores). Don’s Music City is a full service store for musicians staffed by musicians – very cool!!! Since they are musicians, they know that their clientele do a lot of homework before investing in any sort of equipment, so they aren’t going to pressure you to make a purchase. They are ready to help when you are ‘ready to purchase.’

Don’s offered a very pleasant shopping experience! I overheard a few other shoppers in the store mention that they had heard about the new location and this was their first visit. Word of mouth goes a long way in the local music scene. Local musicians network pretty tightly (regardless if something is good or bad, word will get out). If you have a chance- check out Don’s Music City and support local business.

To plan your visit and learn more about the Don’s Music City, be sure to visit their official website. Also be sure to Like their Facebook page – it features upcoming special events, sale information and store news.


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