Piedmont Triad Cupcake Crawl

I have a sweet tooth – cookies, cakes, candy and let’s not forget cupcakes!!! Seeking out cupcakes while traveling ranks high on my to-do list. That sweet cake-like treat with icing from heaven, with the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio – oh yes!!! I have visited the nationwide chain bakeshops but nothing beats a local, small bakery cupcake.

Saying that – a group of my close childhood friends (who also adore cupcakes) quickly jumped on board when the idea of a Triad Cupcake Crawl was casually mentioned in conversation. It took a couple months to sync our schedules but that provided plenty of time to do research and establish an itinerary for the crawl. The initial goal was to visit six bakeries and sample three cupcakes at each. So, I’ll be honest up front, sampling 18 cupcake was a bit ambitious for the inaugural NC Triad Cupcake Crawl.

Our group wanted to accomplish three things during the crawl:

  • Support local bakeries.
  • Try a variety of cupcakes – from simple to swirled to sprinkled, by ordering flavors that we normally wouldn’t order.
  • Have a fun time, laugh and make memories!

As an added bonus, we played Cupcake Bingo along the way. The bingo cards were generated online at print-bingo.com using a wordlist of stereotypical things related to bakeries such as “Chalkboard,” “Vintage Furniture” ‘”Item Purchased at IKEA” and “Apple Pay”. It just added more excitement to our day and encouraged us to look around each of the establishments. Download the Bingo cards here.

We loaded up the car with a cooler full of bottled water (Crawl Tip #1) and headed towards our first stop, Cake and All Things Yummy located in Kernersville – one of our favorite bake shops.

We ordered three jumbo cupcakes ($2.99/each):

  • Vanilla Bean Latté
  • All-A-Flutter
  • Swiss Miss

They were perfectly moist, oversized and completely delicious! We split cupcakes, using forks,  to maintain our endurance and insulin levels (Crawl Tip # 2). All we needed was a single bite of each cupcake to enjoy the flavor, texture and sweetness. The bakery itself is small inside; however, they do have outside patio seating for warmer days. We sat along the wall/windows area, which was a bit tight – so for larger groups seating could be a problem.


For our second stop, we headed toward the Guilford College in Greensboro. Amoroso’s Bakery, a personal favorite, offers a wide variety of oversized cupcakes to select from. They also have lots of seating, including a plush couch, and other smaller tables. Please note this is the bakery’s second location; there is also one in High Point which is equally as nice! A soon as you walk through the door of Amoroso’s the staff makes you feel right at home, answering questions and offering suggestions. It indeed felt like a hometown neighborhood bakery!

After a bit of drooling, we decided upon ($3.00-$3.20/each):

  • Hummingbird
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Banana Pudding

The cupcakes were to die for! Perfect taste, perfect consistency, perfect amount of icing, perfect everything! Not to mention their cakes on display were absolutely gorgeous!!! I almost forgot to mention, they offer made-to-order cupcake milkshakes, meaning an entire cupcake is turned into a milkshake. (Yes, it is fabulous but it will put you in an instant sugar coma – so plan to share if you order one.)

The third stop on the Crawl was Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts on Battleground Avenue. Easy Peasy was added the Crawl after the bakery showed up under numerous “Greensboro cupcakes” Google search results. Their website featured some mouth-watering images of their sweet treats, so it was a no brainier!

This was the first time anyone in our group had visited the bakery. From the moment we pulled into the parking lot and saw super cute pink bistro tables outside, we were all in agreement this was gong to be a great place! There was an oversized wooden table in the middle of the bakery, an Art-o-Mat Machine in the hallway and beautifully wrapped cupcakes. We told the friendly faces behind the counter we were in the middle of a Crawl (Tip #4) and they were so excited we stopped by. They told us about the bakery and shared their favorite cupcake favors with us.

Easy Peasy features a handful of weekly cupcake flavors, so we selected ($2.95/each):

  • Blueberry Bliss
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Orange Creamsicle

They were outstanding!! Our group loved all the flavors and we are now obsessed with Easy Peasy post-crawl!! We have a new favorite bakery in the Triad. There are just not enough good things to be said about them! The staff was friendly, the cupcakes were fresh, the flavors were unique, the pastries were works of art, and the environment was welcoming.

The next stop was Maxie B’s, also located on Battleground Avenue. If you have lived in the Triad for any time at all, it’s likely you have heard of Maxie B’s. It’s been a Triad staple for as long as I can remember. This was the busiest bakery that was visited during the Crawl, so we had a few minutes to wait in line and make our selections. They have an abundance of seating and great décor! It’s perfect to just sit back and relax, hold a one-on-one client meeting, study or hang out with friends. However, while walking through the parking lot, we begin to feel the sugar-coma kicking in and we needed something other than buttercream. As a group, we decided that this would be our last stop of the day.

Saying that we only ordered two flavors ($2.75/each):

  • Sweet Potato
  • Fresh Apple & Caramel

The cupcakes were delicious, moist, the flavors were outstanding and beautifully decorated; however, between maxing our sugar tolerance levels and the previous amazing experience at Easy Peasy, Maxie B’s cupcakes were nothing super-special.

Overall the first Triad Cupcake Crawl was a success! We had a fantastic time at the four bakeries that we visited! The variety of 11 sampled cupcakes was outstanding! It was great to experience the atmospheres and personalities of each of the establishments. The sales associates were extremely friendly at all the bakeries and definitely chatting with them made the day so much fun! I would recommend all of the bakeries that were included in the Crawl to anyone with a sweet tooth!

Just a few final tips to share about Cupcake Crawling through the Triad – be sure to enjoy something salty between tastings (Tip #5). Our group actually ended up at Wendy’s after Maxie B’s – their french fries were a great way to combat the sugar high. Throw an extra plastic knife and a couple small party-sized plates in your purse (Tip #6). Some of the bakeries place the cupcake in take-out containers making the splitting of the cakes cumbersome. As for group size, keep it to six people or less (Tip #7). The seating arrangements at most bakeries are intended for smaller groups, making it hard to find seating together especially if it’s busy.

Another Triad Cupcake Crawl is in the works! Want to tag along?! Leave a comment below!


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