NC Triad Girl Meets Greensboro Gal


I was a little nervous; the anxiety of being on time and finding the Press Play Studios in downtown Greensboro was only the beginning. Am I really podcast guest-worthy? What am I going to say? It was my first Podcast experience.

April Harris is the host of Gate City Live, one of the newest Triad podcast. April and I have followed each other on Instagram for quite some time, so it was quite an honor when she extended an invitation to appear on the show. This episode was titled NC Triad Girl Meets Greensboro Gal as a nod to our ‘gram accounts.

Instagram bio descriptions are enjoyable to read as it a first impression and basically a short personal billboard. April’s (aka Greensboro Gal) bio reads: Hometown gal working hard/playing hard. Lover of community, music, kindness, and democracy. After meeting her, it’s spot-on! She couldn’t have written a better personal brand statement.

Anyways, my palms started sweating a little as I sat behind the microphone, but a couple minute into the interview, my nerves relaxed and the experience became very enjoyable. The light bulb went off! This was basically a chat over coffee instead of a ‘stuffy’ structured interview – nothing to prove, no need to impress – just a one-on-one conversation, telling stories, and enjoying the time together. So much fun!!

Within the hour-long podcast (which also streamed on Facebook Live), we chatted about my NCTriadGirl Instagram account and how it an outlet to document my feet through North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad. Additionally, we dove deeper into triad cycling trails, how life experiences change one’s perspective, and Elvis impersonators! I happen to mention, Rick Brooks, who is a local Elvis tribute artist who my hubby plays bass for!

The podcast was a success! The hour went by so quickly as we laughed together and shared stories. Thanks April, it truly was a great experience!!! On a side note, I did not bump any audio cords or cables, knock anything off the table – so I’ll measure that as a success any day!

Be sure to listen to the podcast here!


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